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The Toothless Monster - Monte


The Toothless Monster™ is a wild, new Tooth Fairy friend that gains a tooth each time a child loses one. Each boxed set includes a cuddly plush monster; a fully illustrated, 8.5" hardcover book; and a set of 16 plastic teeth that the Tooth Fairy's assistant (an adult) should keep hidden in a safe place until ready for use. Wiggle those loose teeth out, and join The Toothless Monster for a more magical, meaningful, Tooth Fairy experience.

How It Works:

  1. When your child loses a tooth, you will together read The Toothless Monster® storybook to learn why not having teeth is a BIG problem for a little monster. Partway through, the book will instruct you to stop reading until your child has given a tooth to their monster.
  2. Before going to bed, your child will give their tooth to Monte or Meli by placing it in the secret tooth pouch located under the monster's tongue.
  3. While your child sleeps, the Tooth Fairy (ahem) will collect the baby tooth and deliver it to Meli or Monte far away in their jungle home. While she is away doing that, you will snap into place one of the provided plastic teeth.
  4. Your final task as the Tooth Fairy's assistant is to place the "thank you" gift(s) of your choosing next to your child's monster. We recommend a dollar or two and a piece of fruit, but feel free to get creative!!

The next day, your child will wake to find not only their gifts, but also that their monster really gained a tooth! You will continue reading the book to learn just how excited - and thankful - The Toothless Monster is to have received such a special gift from your child. Repeat the above steps with each lost tooth, eventually solving The Toothless Monster's problem with a big, toothy grin . . . and the wildest party the jungle has ever seen!


  • Does The Toothless Monster replace the Tooth Fairy?
    Not at all! The Toothless Monster experience enhances the regular, old cash-for-tooth swap by giving children a friend that they can actually give "their" teeth to. The Tooth Fairy still collects the teeth, and she still leaves gifts as a "thank you," and her assistants still get to tiptoe through a child's dark room to make sure the process goes smoothly. Good luck!

  • How on earth did you come up with this?
    THIS is the question we hear most, which is often followed by, “you should go on Shark Tank!” See our story in the About Us section. And we just might. :)

  • When and where will The Toothless Monster be available?
    The Toothless Monster first launched exclusively on this website at the end of 2018. We are now busy partnering with specialty retail stores and pediatric dental practices, and plan on adding a store finder feature to the website soon. If your local toy store doesn't currently carry The Toothless Monster, ask them to, and buy something else while you are there!

  • What is the appropriate age for this product?
    The Toothless Monster is designed for children that are about to lose their first tooth or are already losing teeth. Accordingly, The Toothless Monster is recommended for children over the age of 5, which is typically when they begin losing teeth.

  • What if my child has already started losing teeth?
    No problem! Whether it is your child's first lost tooth or their tenth, giving teeth to The Toothless Monster will be the same rewarding experience for both your child and their new friend.

  • Can the teeth be removed once inserted?
    Each tooth is designed for one-time insertion into The Toothless Monster's mouth. Imagine the devastation both Monte and Meli would feel to lose the teeth that they waited so long to receive! And although we love seeing our dentist friends, the reality is that having teeth pulled is never a good time.

  • What about safety testing?
    As with all toys that contain small parts (the plastic teeth), The Toothless Monster is NOT for children under the age of 3. This product is designed for children ages 5+, which is approximately when children begin losing teeth. The Toothless Monster has been independently tested to satisfy the requirements of ASTM F963, the safety standard prescribed by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission.

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